Win a signed Olly Murs book!


To mark the release of a brand new spoof X Factor card on Funky Pigeon, I’ve got three copies of Olly Mur’s book ‘On The Road’ to give away – and they’re signed by the man himself!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is answer the following question:

Who was the winner of The X Factor in 2014?

Leave your answer as a comment below. The three lucky winners will be drawn randomly from all correct answers on Monday 30th November at 10am. Good luck!

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Christmas Gift Ideas

As the festive season gets going it’s time to start thinking about the wonderful pressies you’re gonna grab for the women in your life. Everybody – whether they’re male or female – loves a gift with an extra personal touch, and you’ve certainly come to the right place for that. I’ll be telling you all about my Christmas gift ideas for her in this blog so that you can treat your loved ones with some truly unique presents this year.

Christmas Flowers

Dressing up your house with some festive flowers from Funky Pigeon is quite frankly a flipping fantastic idea. Our flowers come in all shapes, sizes & colours and make both a perfect floral decoration for your own house and one of many perfect Christmas gift ideas for her. You can throw in all sorts of extras with your beautiful bouquet, including choccies, wine and even a cute little teddy. So what are ya waiting for? Click the image below to have a browse!

Christmas Gift Idea For Her Flowers

Colouring Book for Adults

Colouring books for adults are all the rage right now. Psychologists say it’s because when we focus on the activity of colouring, it calms the mind and takes our focus away from worries, whilst stimulating motor skills, senses and creativity. I, meanwhile, reckon they’re basically bloomin’ brilliant – so there’s experts from all walks of life who are lending their weight to this Christmas gift idea for her. You can personalise the front cover with your name of choice and that stress will be skedaddling in no time.

Colouring Book for Adults Christmas Gift Idea

Personalised Tote Bags

Being the popular pigeons that you are, naturally you’ll be requiring a little something to keep all your pressies in this Christmas. And as luck would have it, Funky Pigeon’s personalised tote bags are ideal Christmas gift ideas for her. Whether they’re used as stockings for the little ‘uns, a stylish fashion accessory for a pal or to keep all to yourself, they’re an affordable option for the festive season. We’ve got dozens of tote bags that the team here have designed especially for Christmas, so you won’t be short of choice. Have a lookie by clicking the image below.

Personalised Christmas Tote Bags

Personalised T Shirts

If you’re after something that will last for a little longer then perhaps these cute personalised t shirts will do the trick. You can stick a photo of you, your mate or even your cat on them together with some text to create a truly personal Christmas gift. And at just £14.99 you’ll be paying around the same as you would do on the high street for one of these beauts. So save the hassle and click below to shop now!

Personalised Christmas T Shirts

Novelty T Shirts

If a personalised t shirt isn’t quite your thing then try this one on for size. We’ve just added a bunch of new novelty t shirts to the website that are choc-a-bloc with funny slogans and catchphrases. They’re a great option if you don’t fancy going through the personalisation process yourself, but adding in a little gift message of your own means they’re still great Christmas gift ideas for her.



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Sunday Recipes: Scottish Food

Scottish Food

With it being St. Andrew’s day tomorrow I thought this’d be the perfect time to post up some of the finest Scottish delicacies known to man. From Stovies to Square Sausages, after reading this you’ll be an expert on all things Scottish food in no time. Och aye!


Scottish Food - Oatcakes

Oatckes are versatile, cheap (this recipe will make you 20 of the things for just 25p) and proper tasty with a bit of cheese and pickle on top. Check out the linked recipe for an authentic Scottish oatcake recipe.


Scottish Food - Haggis

Although making this haggis from scratch is a fairly time-consuming process, the end results will be well worth it – I can assure you! It’s possibly THE quintessential Scottish food – check this recipe for how to make your very own (and to find out exactly what haggis is!).


Scottish Food - Stovies

Stovies are a Scottish stew normally consisting of potatoes and any one of onions, carrots, beef, veg or meat. A perfect accompanying dish with oatcakes, this recipe brings together all the best elements to make yourself some classic Scottish food.

Square Sausage

Scottish Food - Square Sausage

A simple concept – sausage meat cut into squares! Square sausages are a darned tasty breakfast option north of the border. They’re pretty easy to get hold of up there, so if you can’t find them in the shops try grabbing them online from this butcher’s.

Black Pudding

Scottish Food - Stornoway-black-pudding

Another dish – along with haggis – that it might be best not to know the origins of before eating! This classic Stornoway black pudding offers a Scottish twist on the original recipe.


Scottish Food - Scottish Shortbread

Another famous Scottish food that’s a particularly popular festive snack, but making your own for St. Andrew’s Day always makes it that bit more tasty. Try this recipe for size!

Deep-fried Mars bar

Scottish Food - Deep Fried Mars Bar

I’m probably not making any Scottish friends by calling this one a Scottish delicacy, but you can’t deny that it’s become synonymous with Scotland since appearing in the mid 90s. Here’s a little video recipe if you wanna deep fry your own mars bar…


Don’t forget a personalised apron from Funky Pigeon to cook up this Scottish food for yourself!


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Why is Thanksgiving called Thanksgiving?

The US of A celebrates Thanksgiving today, which is their annual excuse to stuff themselves silly before the Christmas rush. Sounds alright to me. But why don’t we celebrate it? Read on to find out all about the celebration.

Where is it celebrated?

Although Thanksgiving is celebrated heartily in the United States of America on the fourth Thursday of November, over the border in Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

Why is Thanksgiving called Thanksgiving?

In 1621 the Pilgrims had a good harvest and were thankful that they had made it to the New World and were actually surviving and prospering. So, in order to celebrate all of their gifts and good luck the Pilgrims decided to have a harvest festival and a day of thanks. They celebrated with venison, fowl, fresh vegetables, and maybe some pumpkin desserts. Also, the day was made up of sports, conversing with friends, and simply resting after a long harvest. The Indians were invited to also share in the festival and many of them did. The original Thanksgiving was not as much of a religious day as it was a festival of thanksgiving. This day of thanks for all of their blessings resulted in the appropriate name for the holiday: Thanksgiving.

Why is it celebrated on a different date in Canada?

Canadas Thanksgiving is based on a bountiful harvest and not on the Pilgrims and the New World like the Unites States holiday. The reason it occurs earlier than the US Thanksgiving is that Canada is north of the United States and because of this the harvest season occurs earlier during the year. So, it only makes sense for Canada to celebrate its fall harvest during their fall and harvest time!

(thanks to Labour of Love for the Thanksgiving info)
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Black Friday Deals


We’ve got loadsa great deals running for Black Friday, with 50% off a whole host of gifts on the website. Use the code BLACK50 at the checkout but hurry – you’ve only got until Sunday to redeem it!

Save yourself a wedge this Christmas and get shopping now by clicking the image above!

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Christmas in Numbers

Yesterday was Christmas Eve x 31, which in my book doesn’t quite get the recognition it deserves. And today it’s exactly one month till Christmas, which seems like the perfect time to look at just how far away Christmas is. This may make you incredibly festive…or just make Christmas seem that little further away.

Until Christmas, you have to wait…

  • 2,592,000 seconds or
  • 43,200 minutes or
  • 720 hours or
  • 30 days or
  • 4 weeks and 2 days or
  • 8.22% of 2015

Well? Does it feel closer or a whole lot further away?

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2015’s Best Selection of Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year again when you’ll be trawling through Christmas cards in every shop in order to find the best choice for your loved one. But never fear – we’ve come up with a list of our most popular Christmas cards so far this year combined with our all-time classics, so you won’t have to search high and wide for the best cards. Check out our shortlist below, which includes Christmas cards suitable for all age ranges.

Christmas Cards for Kids

Disney Frozen Christmas Card

Frozen themed personalised Christmas card

The new Disney Frozen “Warm Hugs” Christmas card is currently one of our best new sellers, proving a popular choice for parents looking for that extra special card for their little girl. You can fully personalise the front cover with a picture of the recipient as well as a meaningful seasonal message, adding that extra special touch. There are also plenty of alternatives in our full Disney Frozen Christmas card range.

Despicable Me – Minion Christmas Card

A personalised Minion Despicable Me 2 Christmas card

The Minion festive cards are a popular classic here at Funky Pigeon. With over ten different Minion Christmas cards to choose from, you’re guaranteed to be able to find the perfect card for your son, daughter or grandchild. One of our most popular cards this year is our “Despicable Me 2 photo upload card”, where you can add a festive photo of your loved one as well as their name on the cover. Imagine their face when they open the fully personalised Christmas card and see themselves side-by-side with a Minion!

One for the Grandparents

A personalised Christmas greeting card for grandparents

Ho ho ho! Our Folklore Grandma & Granddad Christmas card is this year’s perfect choice for the grandparents. Whether it’s just for Grandma or for Grandad, or indeed for both, this festive card can be fully personalised with three pictures of shared memories. Make them feel loved this Christmas and give your grandparents a Christmas card with a unique, personal touch, full of heartfelt memories.

Funny Christmas Cards

A personalised Christmas card with Santa's beard

Everyone sends at least one funny Christmas card each year, right? Why not send one of our bestselling humour Christmas cards in 2015, with our Popsicle Ho Ho Ho festive card. Upload a photo of the lucky beneficiary on the front of the card, and see what they think of their image with Santa’s beard stuck on! A Christmas card suitable for all ages and as always, you can fully personalise it with a special message on the front.

 A Couple’s Christmas Card

A personalised Xmas card with teddy bears in snow

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Another one of our newest Xmas cards so far this year is from our Me to You Christmas card range and offers a cute, festive touch to your card. Aimed at couples, the Photo Finish Christmas card is proving very popular and can be used as the perfect card for Mum and Dad, the grandparents, or any couple you know! A heartwarming picture of two teddy bears with Happy Christmas written in the snow – what more could you want?

A Christmas card for all

A merry christmas personalised festive card

Fed up of looking through all different types of Christmas cards? We have the card for you! Our new “Deck the Halls” card is suitable for all ages and really adds that personalised touch to a definitive Christmas card design. Simply upload your picture, edit the text and you’re good to go with a simple, effective Christmas card for 2015. It’s as easy as that!

Remember that if you’re buying four or more Christmas cards from now until Christmas, they could work out for as little as 89p each – with free delivery  too!

View the full range of 2015 Personalised Christmas Cards now!

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Save Money on Personalised Cards this Christmas!


I know that you Funky Pigeons are a popular lot, which is why our Christmas offer is one created with you in mind.

If you buy four or more cards for your pals anytime from now until Christmas then they could work out from as little as 89p each – with free delivery thrown in for good measure!

Remember that this offer applies to ALL personalised cards and not just Christmas cards, so if you’re struggling for ideas of who to send to then you can always be super prepared and start designing some birthday cards for next year. You can even edit the dispatch date for each card and save the hassle of sending them out later.

Click here to shop now!

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Ho ho ho! The festive season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about what to buy for the men in your life. They’re a notoriously tricky bunch to buy for – something I can vouch for – and with the wealth of Christmas gifts available on the interweb these days an old pair of socks just won’t suffice anymore. Luckily, I’ve got a load of Christmas gift ideas for men up my sleeve for you lovely lot. Here’s the pick of ’em.

Personalised Alcohol

We’ve been adding loadsa new Christmas gifts to the website in the last few weeks, and amongst them is our brand new range of personalised alcohol. We’ve got something for everyone’s tastebuds including lager, ale, stout, wine, whiskey, champagne and magnums. But my personal fave, being a West Country pigeon, has to be the cider. The 500ml bottles are available in quantities of 3, 6 or 12, and this ain’t no cheap cider – it’s a CAMRA award winner from the Gwatkin Cider Company in Herefordshire. As Christmas gift ideas for men go, it’s gotta be up there. Check out my personalised label below and give it a click to shop now.

Personalised Christmas Alcohol

Personalised Food Gifts

Another one of our Christmas gift ideas for men are even more brand new festive goodies. These personalised food gifts should have you foodies licking your lips and clanking your cutlery in anticipation, ’cause we’ve got something for everyone from retro sweet jars to champagne and truffles via roasted Colombian coffee. As ever, you’re able to personalise any one of these items with a gift message of up to 100 characters and also, for an extra £2.99, you can have it wrapped in a luvvly little ribbon with – you guessed it – a personalised message of your own choosing included. Don’t say I don’t spoil you.

Personalised Food Gifts

Christmas Bears

Although us blokes like to give off a bit of a macho impression most of the time, deep down we’re just big softies really and would appreciate a cuddly teddy every bit as much as a manly bottle of stout. Which is why a personalised teddy bear is another of my top Christmas gift ideas for men. With over 100 bears on the website and 70 Christmas bears alone, there’s something that all men will appreciate at Funky Pigeon. So whether you’re buying for your partner, sibling or just a pal, click the image below to start browsing.

Personalised Christmas Teddy Bears

Personalised Mugs

If you’ve been furiously shaking your head for the last 20 seconds or so, grumbling that no self-respecting man you know would ever want or accept a teddy bear as a pressie, then here’s an alternative Christmas gift idea for men. Yep, that old reliable, that fail-safe; the holy grail of Christmas presents: the humble mug. From Funky Pigeon they come in three varieties: standard, coloured inside and large (for the massive tea drinkers out there).

Personalised Christmas Mugs

Personalised Aprons

One of these personalised aprons is 100% guaranteed to prevent any Turkey-related cooking disasters on Christmas Day. Well, not really, but at least the man of the house will look good whilst chaos ensues all around him in the kitchen. That alone has to make this my number one pick of Christmas gift ideas for men. Happy shopping!

Personalised Aprons for Christmas

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Sunday Recipes: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for Americans it’s seen as officially the start of the festive season. Us Brits might have to wait a little longer before getting into the festive spirit, but even if you’re not from the other side of the pond it’s still a great excuse to have a great big feast on Thursday, or saving that, these tips will come in handy for your Christmas din-dins. Here are five key ingredients to the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Mash

Numero uno…mashed potatoes! This recipe from BBC Good Food ‘uses clever substitutions to reduce fat and calories but maintains a rich creaminess’…which sounds pretty bob on to me.


Whole-Baked Carrots

Two: carrots. But these aren’t just normal carrots, they’re M&S carrots oh wait, not that. They’re actually whole-baked in ‘herby garlicky olive oil’ for that caramelised finish. Thanks, Jamie.

Cranberry Sauce

Really Simple Cranberry Sauce

Sure, you COULD buy your own cranberry sauce, but making your own is way more delicious and way more satisfying. If you’ve got sugar, orange juice, cranberries and 15 minutes of your time spare then click on through to find out more.

Cranberry Sangria

Cranberry Sangria

The side benefit to making your own cranberry sauce is that you should now have an overload of cranberries in your kitchen. Which is ideal, because you’ll also be needing a drink for this Thanksgiving/Christmas feast. This Cranberry Sangria is pretty unique and really easy to make.


Thanksgiving Turkey

Sure, you COULD buy your own turkey, but hunting and cooking your own is way more delicious and way more satisfying. OK, I think buying your own turkey is perfectly acceptable in this day and age, so ignore what I just said. Here’s a handy guide to cooking your own turkey to form the centrepiece of this feast. Gotta go, time to eat!


Don’t forget your personalised apron to cook up your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast!


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