Brand new #5photochallenge range at Funky Pigeon!

The latest social media craze to hit the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been the 5 Photo Challenge. Whether you’ve been nominated to post #5PhotosThatMakeMeSmile or take part in the #blackandwhitechallenge, users from all over the world have been having a go.

Ever the thoughtful one, The Funky Pigeon himself has made a special request to FP HQ that we create a new range of greetings cards and posters so that you can bring your five photos to life. We’ve been beavering away under his watchful eye for the past couple of weeks to put together our brand new #5PhotoChallenge range at – and we’re happy to announce that it’s got the seal of approval from Funky!


Our card and accompanying wall art has been specially designed so that you can easily upload the #5PhotosThatMakeMeSmile or #blackandwhitechallenge straight from Facebook onto your greeting card (though you’ll have to upload photos onto a poster from your computer to ensure they remain as high quality as possible!) Wanna know how? It’s easy! First, make sure you’ve selected a personalised card that allows photo upload. Then, where it says ‘Upload an Image’, click on the great big Facebook logo. From there you’ll see a list of your friends – choose which person’s photos you want to plunder from, select an album from the drop-down list on the right and voilà! There will be a whole host of photos for you to drag across onto your card. Quick hint – if you’ve already taken part in either challenge then the images you chose should be in the ‘Timeline Photos’ album!

Whether you want to surprise a friend by putting the five photos that make them smile into a poster, treat yourself by bringing your five black and white photos to life or maybe creating a greeting card for all the family to enjoy, we reckon these new products are the perfect way to treat your loved ones this Christmas.

Click here to check out the new range.

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Personalised Despicable Me Minions Cards at Funky Pigeon!

Wings up who’s a fan of the Despicable Me 2 film? Here at the coop it’s one of our fave films, those little Minions always make us coo-hoot with laughter. Lucky for us Funky Pigeon has a coo-hool range of Personalised Despicable Me Birthday Cards! Choo-hoose from Personalised Photo Upload Minions Cards or Non – Photo Upload Minions Cards all from just £1.99.

Minion Card_105x149   Son Card_105x149   Age 7 Card_105x149   Brother Card_105x149   Age 5 Card_105x149

Photo Upload Despicable Me Cards

Upload a piccie of that special person onto a Photo Upload Despicable Me Card! My personal fave is this 1 In a Minion Card. Why not choo-hoose this Awesome Brother Minion Card and you can completely edit it for your Sister or any rellie, how coo-hool!

Non – Photo Despicable Me Cards

Don’t get your feather’s in a twist if you don’t have a piccie to upload, choo-hoose a Non – Photo Upload Despicable Me Card. Check out all three cheeky Minions on this Totally Cool Minion Son Birthday Card, but I just love this Minion 7 Today Card! The coo-hool thing is you can edit all the ages, just the other day I sent this You Are 5 Minion Card to one of my rellies wishing them a Happy 50th Birthday!

Whether you’re looking for a card for your Son, Daughter, Brother or Sister Funky Pigeon cover’s the lot with their fab range of Personalised Despicable Me Minions Birthday Cards! You can even get a Personalised Despicable Me Minions Christmas Card too! ;)

Leave a comment and let me what your fave Minion card is. FP

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Funky Pigeon Personalised Thank You Teacher Cards & Gifts!

Show your appreciation and brighten your teacher’s day with Personalised Thank You Teacher Cards & Gifts from Funky Pigeon!

Coo-hoo! It’s almost the end of the school term, doesn’t time fly!

Before the kids finish school for the holidays, why not give something back to their brilliant teachers to say ‘Thank You’ for all their hard work, help and support. What better way to do this than by spoiling them with a super special Personalised Thank You Teacher Card or Thank You Teacher Gift from Imagine the look on their face as they open up a card or gift telling them what a top teacher they are!

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift and the right words to say to thank your teachers, but I’m here to lend a wing with my top Personalised Thank You Teacher Card and Personalised Thank You Teacher Gift ideas.

Thank You Teacher Cards

How about making your fave teacher a Personalised Thank You Teacher Card from Funky Pigeon which they can put up in their coop to treasure forever?! You can pick from Photo Upload Cards, perfect for uploading a school group photo on to, or if you haven’t got any photos to use, how about writing some words of gratitude to let them know what a great teacher they are on to a Non-Photo Card. Funky Pigeon has plenty to choo-hoose from!

Card5_105       Card1_105        Card4_105        Card2_105

Thank You Teacher Gifts

Why not go the extra mile and check out the Personalised Thank You Teacher Gifts on offer. You might want to pick a Personalised Thank You Teacher Mug, both useful and sure to put a smile on any teacher’s face. If they aren’t a fan of a cuppa, then how about a lovely Thank You Teacher Notebook. There are some great designs to choo-hoose from at, here are a few great examples that are sure to have them coo-hooting with delight!

Mug1_105   Notebook3_105   mug4_105   Notebook2_105   Mug3_105

Maybe you want to really brighten up your teacher’s last day at school by sending some beautiful Flowers with a special personalised gift message attached. This Bold & Beautiful Gift Bag would look great as a centre piece on any teacher’s desk.

Why not fly on over to where you can find a huge range of Personalised Thank You Teacher Cards and Gifts which are sure to make your teacher the happiest pigeon in the coop!

So, enjoy the summer holidays my funky followers, be sure to bask your feathers in the sun and enjoy spending lots of quality time with your family and friends! My son Squabbie is fluffing his feathers in delight at the thought of having some fun in the sun with his little fledgling friends.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your plans are this summer!


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Super Personalised Father’s Day Cards at Funky Pigeon!

Honour the most important men in your life this Father’s Day with a Funky Personalised Father’s Day Card from Funky Pigeon

FDAY1Coo-hoo! I’m just flying by to let all you funky followers know that Father’s Day is on the horizon, so it’s time to let your Dad know just how much you love him.

What better way to make Dad smile this Father’s Day than by sending him a super special Personalised Father’s Day Card or Personalised Father’s Day Gift from!148beer

Traditionally, Father’s Day is a time to honour Fathers and Father figures alike, including Grandad and your Father-in-law. It’s a time to spoil them and come together as a family to celebrate everything that they do for you. It is held on the third Sunday in June.

This year Father’s Day is on Sunday the 15th June, but there’s no need to get your feathers in a twist because I have the coo-hoolest solutions for all your Father’s Day needs.

What to choo-hoose -

Funky Pigeon offer a great range of Personalised Father’s Day Cards. You can choo-hoose from cracking Wallace and Gromit Father’s Day Cards to Disney Marvel Father’s Day Cards, great for the big kids. You might want to pick a cute Me To You Father’s Day Card to show Dad how much you adore him. Alternatively, how about a brilliantly funny Humour Father’s Day Card to make Dad chuckle.

Pluck out a great Personalised Father’s Day Card that’s as special as your Dad is to you! My top pick is this Despicable Me Card.

Why not upload some photos of you and your Dad or some piccies of the kids on to a Photo Upload Card. Use the photo on the cover or inside of your chosen Personalised Father’s Day Card. How about hunting down a cheeky photo of Dad from ‘back in the day’ to embarrass him with? It’ll have the whole family coo-hooting with laughter!

If your Dad’s not a fan of having his picture taken you could keep it simple and choo-hoose a Non-Photo Card and just add his name and some of your own text.

SuperheroCard1            MarvelCard1                        DisneyCard1

Not just for Dad -

Funky Pigeon offer Personalised Father’s Day Cards not just for Dad but also for the other important male rellies and friends in your life including Grandads, Husbands, Fathers-to-be, Fathers-in-law and Step-Dads.

When I was a young fledgling, my Grandad took me under his wing, cared for me and spoilt me. He has always been there for me, so this year I’ll thank him for all that he’s done with a very personal card that’s sure to fluff up his feathers in delight.

Fancy really spoiling Dad? –

Funky Pigeon has a great selection of Personalised Father’s Day Gifts on offer! I know it can be a tough job picking the perfect gift to thank Dad for everything he’s done for you. But fear not, I’m here to lend a wing and share some of my ideas with you!

Want to let your Dad know he’s the world’s greatest? You can’t go wrong with a Personalised Mug, or you could design a very special Personalised T-shirt or Personalised Notebook for Dad by uploading some of your most treasured photos on to it. Alternatively, some Personalised Alcohol with your Dad’s name and a unique message might go down better. For the gadget loving Father, how about a Personalised Phone Case or Personalised Tablet Case, both practical and personal.

 case1  TSHIRT_FD14_Spoof_BestestDad_TNav_P   tab1  MUGnew

Let Dad know how much you care -

So, my feathered friends, don’t forget to honour the most important men in your life and thank them for everything they do for you. Fly on over to now and create perfectly Personalised Father’s Day Cards and Personalised Father’s Day Gifts for the super special Dads in your life.

Why not leave a comment below telling me why you think you have the coo-hoolest Dad in the whole world. I’d love to hear your stories.

Happy Father’s Day!


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Funky Pigeon – Win £25 Pre-Pay, Enter Our Coop of Fame!

Funky Pigeon have a great monthly competition which you won’t want to miss out on!Funky Pigeon Coop of Fame

Coo-hoo! You can win £25 Funky Pigeon pre-pay credit by simply uploading a photo of you or your rellie and a product that you have been sent or have purchased on the Funky Pigeon site to The Funky Pigeon’s official Facebook page. It’s as easy as that! 

All my Funky Pigeon fans get the opportunity to become famous and get their photo on the Coop of Fame; plus they win £25 prepay*.  So I can hear you all coo-hooting, “What do I need to do?”  Well follow my step by step guide for your chance to win:

  1. Choo-hoose your favourite Funky Pigeon product.
  2. Find a coo-hool location for the photo-shoot to take place.
  3. Drag your friend/rellie away from the biscuits and get them to take a photo of you with your Funky Pigeon product.
  4. Now you have your funky photo!
  5. Upload your photo onto my Facebook page.
  6. REMEMBER to tag your photo with ‘The Funky Pigeon’ in it!
  7. Sit back………………..
  8. Relax……………have a biscuit………….
  9. And wait for the winner to be announced, usually this happens in the first few days of the next month!

How easy is that! Each month a new Funky Pigeon Coop of Fame winner is announced and the winning photo will go up on the ‘Coop of Fame’ page on my Facebook page. Plus if you miss out one month you can always try again with a new funky photo the next month!

Have fun my Funky Pigeon fans and get creative with your photos! FP

*For full Terms & Conditions please see the notes section on my Facebook page.

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Funky Pigeon Phone Cases & Tablet Cases – Fly This Way!

Coo! The coop and I are forever trying to find ways to brighten up our essentially dull devices, whether it’s been with stickers (that constantly fall off), diamantes, fun bags to keep our tablets in or those silly little socks for our phones. I don’t know about you but I’m bored of those socks and I don’t want to have to carry a bag around for my tablet!

The talented team at Funky Pigeon have come up with a sleek and completely personalised way to brighten up your device, so fly over to and take a look at the coo-hool Personalised Phone Cases and Tablet Covers! With many designs to choo-hoose from, and different sizes and colours available for all the top devices, there is something for every pigeon and fledgling.

You can upload your fave pics onto one of the Photo Upload Phone and Tablet Cases or if you don’t have a photo to use you can select one of the Non Photo Phone and Tablet Cases where you can add your own personal caption. With on trend designs like ‘Keep Calm’, ‘Hashtag’, ‘Rewind’and ‘I Heart’, you’ll have heads turning and beaks squawking when you swoop down the street with your coo-hool Personalised Phone or Tablet case.


I know some fledglings and hens that are going to go crazy for the Personalised One Direction Phone and Tablet Cases. It’s going to be difficult parting my lovely lady from her diamantes but I know this Personalised S.W.A.L.K Chalk Heart Tablet Cover filled with lots of loving memories will do the trick. Coo!


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’ll be sure to get my mother hen this Personalised Happy Days – Best Mummy Phone Case, because she really is the best mum! She’ll be coo-hooing with joy when she sees all the fab picces uploaded onto it.

So remember, Phone Cases and Tablet Cases don’t just have to be practical and there to protect your device, they can also be a great way to show off your individuality and funky style. So get creative and personalise yourself and your loved ones a Phone and Tablet Case today at Funky Pigeon.

Leave me a comment my funky followers and let me know which design is going to be on your wish list? FP


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Brand New Valentine’s Day Cards 2014 at Funky Pigeon.

Love is in the air, everywhere I fly around! The lull after Christmas is over and all around on my deliveries I can see love blossoming. Feathers are getting ruffled and my delivery bag is getting heavier as Valentine’s Day gets closer. How are you going to choo-hoose to show that loved one of yours what they really mean to you? Nothing really says ‘I love you’ like a Personalised Valentine’s Day Card. At Funky Pigeon there’s a coo-hool brand new range of Personalised Valentine’s Day Cards for 2014.

A little bit of history….

So, you might’ve been wondering where the Valentine’s Card originated from. Well there are many theories but brace yourselves because this one is a bit of a tear jerker! Valentine was actually the name of a Christian priest who was imprisoned by the Roman’s for his beliefs. The night before his death he wrote his loved one a goodbye letter, signing it ‘From your Valentine’. He died the next day on the 14th February.  Much later on, during the Middle Ages lovers would sing or recite verses to their Valentine to show their love of them. Soon after, written Valentine’s started to replace the sung verses. Coo-hoo how romantic!

Romancing your Valentine….

From Disney Valentine’s Day Cards to Humour Valentine’s Day Cards and Create Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards, Funky Pigeon has the perfect card for you to tell your sweetheart what they mean to you.

I know a lot of Pigeon Hens that will get their feathers in a twist over this Personalised Valentine’s Me to You – To My Sweetheart Card. They’ll just love their piccie in the centre of the heart. Alternatively, maybe your loved one would like something a little cheekier, then how about this Personalised Valentine’s Polkadot Diner – Weird & Wonderful Card. That’ll have them coo-hooting with laughter!


Why not make your Boyfriend a star in a comic book with this Personalised Valentine’s Superman – Comic Strip Card. Or for your Girlfriend get her coo-hooing with this Personalised Valentine’s The Muppets – Kermit & Roses Card.

Really woo your valentine with a Personalised Photo Upload Valentine’s Day Card. You could upload all your fave 2013 memories on to this Personalised Valentine’s Life’s a Journey – Love U Card  or onto this Personalised Valentine’s S.W.A.L.K Chalk – Love You Always Card. Don’t forget to then write that perfect love note inside. That’ll get their feathers ruffling!

It’s not just for love birds….

But don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is not just for your Valentine it’s a day of celebrating love and all your loved ones in your life. Have you got a fab friend that’s crazy in love with One Direction? Why not send them this Personalised Valentine’s One Direction – Graffiti Heart Card, and write them a message telling them how much they mean to you!

Take a look at the full range of Personalised Valentine’s Day Cards at Funky Pigeon and leave me a comment. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is on Friday 14th February! Have a coo-hool Valentine’s Day my funky followers.

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Which Funky Pigeon Christmas Card will you choo-hoose?

Sleigh bells ring are you listening? No really, are you? It’s not long ‘till the big day and I’ve been noticing a lot of confused faces on my delivery rounds! And that can only mean one thing; you’re all struggling to choo-hoose your loved ones Christmas Cards! It’s a tricky job and I know in my coop we really want to make sure we’ve chosen the right card for the right pigeon. Well I’m here to lend a wing and hopefully together we’ll work it out!

There are the coo-hoolest Christmas Cards at with something to suit every pigeon.

TV Fans…..

I’m sure we all have friends and rellies that are glued to the TV, and love all the latest TV shows and films? So for them, how about a Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Card? Or a Despicable Me Christmas Card? Or why not a Wallace & Gromit Christmas Card? Or if they fancy themselves as a star in a show why not upload a photo of them into one of the Spoof Cards? My favourite is this “Spoof Movie – Good’Elf”.


For the Fledglings…..

Funky Pigeon has all the fledglings fave characters to keep them cooing on Christmas day, from Hello Kitty Christmas Cards to Disney Cars Christmas Cards.

The Traditional Folk…..

There are Traditional Christmas Cards for those loved ones that love snowy scenes, carol singers, roaring fires and nativities.

The Jokers…..

And for those that always love to joke around, why not give them a Funny Christmas Card? This “Tickety Boo – Snowman Hot Tub” makes me coo-hoot with laughter every time!

For the Ones that love all things Cute…..

Let’s not forget about the friends and rellies that no matter what the season they love all things Cute from Me to You Christmas Cards to Photographic Christmas Cards. There’s not a pigeon on earth that would say no to this “Pug Life – Humbug” Card!

Get REALLY Personal…..

Would you agree that the most touching, memorable, coo-hoolest Christmas Cards you could possibly receive are the Create Your Own Cards? Use your own text and photos to create that perfect card. I know a few pigeon hens that will be giving their friends this lovely “Once Upon A Teatime – Sparkly Winter Wishes” Card.


Join our Debate…..

Well I think we’ve come some way! I definitely have a better idea as to which Christmas Cards to send my friends and rellies. Why not join our Christmas Card debate and tell us which of the 3 great Christmas Cards gets your feathers ruffled? Will you be coo-hooting with laughter at the sight of your friend or rellie dressed as a Christmas Elf or are you a loyal fan to the Cute Christmas Cards? Leave me a comment here or post your answer on my Facebook page?

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Personalised 2014 Calendars at Funky Pigeon!

Is everyone else as confused as me about how to spell the word calendar, or is it calander or maybe calandar!!!

Oh no!!! You’re going to have to be patient and try not to ruffle your feathers at me, because as I tell you about the coo-hool Personalised 2014 Calenders, I’m bound to make some silly spelling mistakes!

It’s that time of year when we all need to start thinking about organising our coop for the New Year ahead. And there’s no better way than with a funky Personalised 2014 Calendar from!

Collect all your fave photo moments from 2013 and upload them quickly and easily onto a Photo Upload 2014 Calender. Take a look at this One Direction Signature Calendar and Silent Movie Calender, how coo-hool are they? I know some pigeon teens and even adults that are going to go crazy for them!


My lovely lady Carey has been coo-hooing at all the designs and she just loves this Memory Box 2014 Calendar, what better way to capture all our romantic moments! We’ve been planning to create some for our friends and rellies as fab Christmas presents, and what a bargain with prices starting from £9.99!

All Personalised Calendars are available in sizes from A4, A3, to a slim design and even a desk top size. No longer do you have to work from a boring online calendar,  you can have your very own desk top calandar filled with lots of your lovely pics! And what a great Secret Santa gift idea, replace your work colleagues online calander with one of these fab Personalised 2014 Calendars.

calendar size2

Well my friends at Funky Pigeon have helped me clear up my confusion and the correct way of spelling calandar is CALENDAR! Phew! I can now sleep easy tonight!

So it’s time for you to update your 2013 Calendar with a coo-hool Personalised 2014 Calendar at Funky Pigeon. Leave me a comment and let me know your fave Personalised 2014 Calendar design? FP



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Personalised Family Guy Cards at Funky Pigeon!

I know all you Family Guy fans out there are going to be coo-ing with tears as Season 11 of Family Guy comes to an end! But to keep you going why not check out the fab range of Personalised Family Guy Birthday Cards at


You can get giggity with Quagmire! Plot world domination with Stewie! Have a freakin time with Peter and Brian, or just be the greatest farter in the world with Peter; now we all know someone that would apply to!!!

My mates are always rolling with laughter at this very naughty ‘Make Yourself Useful’ Family Guy Card. But my personal favourite has to be the Sprinkles of Genius Stewie Card, it makes me coo with glee that my little Squabbie is not like him; or at least I hope so!

So you have a friend’s birthday coming up and they’re a huge Family Guy fan? Why not put that very special person’s piccie on the Peter Griffin Photo Upload Card? It will definitely help to get the party started! You can personalise all the cards with their name and why not really embarrass them by choo-hoosing a card that you can personalise their age onto!

With Peter, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire to keep you entertained, you’re feathers will be ruffled with laughter and you’ll soon forget that it’s the end of a new TV season.  Leave me a comment with who your favourite Family Guy character is and why? FP

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