New Mother’s Day Ad!

Have you seen me in my either of my new Mother’s Day ads yet? If not, what are you waiting for? They’re both below!

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What a selfless act!

I love hearing about acts of kindness from across the world, and they don’t get much kinder than this story that comes all the way from a remote village in China.

Source: Daily Mirror/CEN

45 year-old Huang Yuanfeng suffers from cancer, and has saved up enough money over his life for a potentially life-saving operation to rid him of the disease. However, in a selfless act he instead spent the money on building a new road to connect his remote home village of Xiaojiangtun with the nearby city of Guilin.

Discussions with doctors revealed that his chances of surviving cancer after the operation were very slim, so Huang wanted to give villagers the opportunities that he had to work in the tourist-friendly city, where he spent two decades building up his fortune.

He said: “Life was very difficult here because of the mountains and fast flowing rivers, but when my road is finished it will be possible to drive here and because of the spectacular scenery we will get many tourists.”

Huang is currently working every day to supervise the construction of the new road, which is nearing completion.

What a great story!

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Quick Gifts

There are seven different types of Quick Gifts that you can send along with your personalised Funky Pigeon card, at no additional postage cost to you. They’re ideal for adding something a little extra to that perfect card you’ve just crafted. After you have finished personalising your product, you should see the quick gifts screen. Here are the seven categories you can choose from:

quickgiftsYou can choose to include a gift card for all sorts of shops on the high street and online; from Vue to B&Q, Topshop to Toys R Us and House of Fraser to H&M. The chocolates  come in eight different varieties with the choice of either Thornton’s or Lindt to feast on. Personally I’ve got a bit of a weakness for Lindt, so that would be my preference! In the case of soft toys I can only be biased and suggest you plump for the cuddly version of me – the large one of course – to go with your card. But there are loads more Tatty Teddys to choose from!

Both men and women are catered for in the huge fragrances section – though mystifyingly there’s no Funky Pigeon Perfume! Humph. Who wouldn’t want to smell like a pigeon!? Anyway, if you’re as miffed as I am about that then there are always loads of smelly candles and hopefully not-so-smelly pens to choose from.

I’m off to air my concerns about the lack of Funky Pigeon Perfume to the powers that be – so watch this space. In the meantime, happy shopping!

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Logging In With PayPal and Facebook

You might have spotted that you can log in to Funky Pigeon using PayPal or Facebook. And I’m sure you’re quite rightly wondering: what’s in it for me? Well there are loads of good reasons for doing both, so let me tell you about them!


Logging with PayPal makes checking-out even easier with the use of their seamless checkout function. Even if you already have a Funky Pigeon account, it’s dead easy to link it to your existing PayPal account, meaning you can log-in with one click and check-out with another. Easy peasy and perfect if you keep forgetting your pesky password!


Facebook goes hand-in-hand with creating that perfect card for a loved one on Funky Pigeon, because you can use it to easily import photos straight from the site onto your card to mark the occasion. To do this, on the screen of the product that you want to order, simply click the Facebook logo and log-in through there. Then all of your Facebook photos will appear likes magic for you to drag and drop onto your Funky Pigeon card.

Another cracking feature is how you can import your friends’ birthdays into your Funky Pigeon calendar. Click on ‘My Account’ after logging in and scroll down until you see the reminders section on the right hand side. After clicking on the Facebook icon you will be given the option to log-in and then import your friends’ birthdays into the calendar.


You can even pick and choose whose birthdays to import – whether they’re your nearest and dearest or just some that you keep forgetting!

I’m all for making it is easy as possible for you to design the perfect gift, whatever the occasion, so next time you’re on the website it’s worth bearing these tips in mind!

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Funky Pigeon Valentine’s Quiz

See how you fare in the Funky Pigeon Valentine’s Quiz!

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