Royal Wedding – A proper guide to Street Parties!

April 26, 2011

I’m so excited about the Royal Wedding street party that I’ll be attending on Friday April 29th! Coohoo! I’m helping out to create a proper bona fide street party.

I’ve got to deliver all the card invitations first and then help with putting up the bunting.  My Dad was there at the last Royal Wedding in 1981 and he said there were loads of street parties going on.

Did you know that street parties started in 1919 and began as ‘Peace Teas’ to celebrate the signing of the Versailles peace treaty after World War I.  It was a bit different then because they were held as a special treat for children in those times of hardship and were quite formal sit down affairs at long tables lined up down the street.

Street Party imageThe earliest living memory of a street party is from a man in Cornwall who clearly remembers having a street party in 1935 for the Silver Jubilee of King George Vth. Coohoo!

Now it seems street parties are again becoming popular as we celebrate this time old British tradition for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on the 29th April. The funkiest wedding celebration of the year!

We’re hanging out the bunting and sending out the invitations from Funky Pigeon’s fab collection of Royal Wedding cards and gifts.

Royal Wedding Street Party Invite Royal Wedding Street Party Invite Royal Wedding Street Party Invite Royal Wedding Street Party Invite

I’m going to have to rest my wings to get through all the Royal Wedding deliveries! Send me the details of how you will be celebrating the Royal Wedding. Coohoo!

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